Randox CLI Webvertorial August 2018

Direct HbA1c testing using RX series clinical chemistry analysers

The concentration of HbA1c in the blood of diabetic patients increases with rising blood glucose levels and is representative of the mean blood glucose level over the preceding six to eight weeks.

Randox now offers a direct HbA1c assay for the rapid direct measurement of HbA1c in human blood. This assay is available to be used on the RX daytona +, RX imola and RX modena clinical chemistry analysers which are capable of performing medium to high throughput testing. This direct HbA1c test adds to the comprehensive test menu of niche and high performing assays already available at Randox.

The latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric method makes the test simple and quick to perform as only one assay is now required. Human error inaccuracies are removed as offline preparations are no longer required and are preformed on-board the RX series analysers.

For more information about our direct HbA1c assay please visit www.randox.com/hba1c-rxseries/ or contact us at therxseries@randox.com

Supplier: Randox Laboratories Ltd.

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