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Direct oral anti-coagulant adsorbent

DOAC Stop eliminates all direct oral anti-coagulants (DOACs) from test plasmas, making it possible to obtain valid results for all conventional coagulation assays and tests for thrombophilia.  This adsorbent has amazing affinity for DOACs but no effect on clotting proteins, antibodies or heparins. Because it extracts only DOACs, a clotting test result which remains abnormal can be assumed to have other causes.  DOAC Stop minitabs (one/ml) disperse readily in plasma and take less than 5 minutes to bind more than 95% of DOACs in most cases. The adsorbent is quickly removable after it has done its work by centrifugation.  The minitabs work equally well on direct thrombin inhibitors (eg dabigatran) and those against FXa (rivaroxaban, apixaban, edoxaban) and have no effect on heparins or warfarin plasmas.  In most cases DOAC levels can be estimated quickly from the ratio of clotting test results before to after the extraction via an appropriate calibration curve. The best results are obtainable using high phospholipid dRVVT or APTT reagents.


Supplier: Haematex Research Pty Ltd

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