DNA microarrays for thrombosis and haemochromatosis

Two new microarrays based on state-ofthe- art technology provide molecular genetic risk determination for the frequently occurring hereditary conditions thrombosis and haemochromatosis. The EUROArray FV/FII Direct accurately identifies point mutations in the factor V (factor V Leiden, 1691G>A) and/or factor II (prothrombin) gene (20210G>A), which are the most frequent genetic causes of thrombosis and embolism. Mutations in the HFE (high iron) gene contributing to hereditary haemochromatosis can be detected using EUROArray Haemochromatosis Direct test systems. Either two (C282Y, H63D) or four (C282Y, H63D, S65C and E168X) parameters can be analysed in parallel. With both diseases the identification of a predisposition enables early implementation of suitable therapy or preventative measures. The procedure is extremely easy to perform, requiring no previous knowledge of molecular biology. The alleles are analysed directly from whole blood, significantly reducing costs and the hands-on time required. Results are evaluated and documented automatically using the specially developed software. Highly specific primers, ready-to-use PCR components and integrated positive controls all contribute to the reliability of the analysis. All processes are IVD validated and CE registered, and product performance is backed by extensive clinical evaluation data.


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