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Drugs of Abuse Testing in Urine by LC-MS/MS

The LC-MS/MS-based assay MassTox drugs of abuse testing offers the target screening and quantitative confirmation of more than 100 drugs and metabolites with an analysis time of up to 12 minutes. The CE-IVD validated solution includes everything that is required for the analysis, eliminating the need for developing and maintaining several in-house methods or for preparing QC materials for a multitude of analyte compounds. It is designed to work below cut-offs defined by GTFCh and EWDTS. The assay includes a carefully selected hydrolysis enzyme that ensures a complete and selective hydrolysis of all 108 drugs covered in the assay. 99 analytes are safeguarded by isotopically labelled internal standards. The high stability of the 6PLUS1 Multilevel Urine Calibrator Set and three MassCheck urine controls ensure reliable results with highest precision.

Supplier: Chromsystems

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