Durable universal polypropylene containers

Ideal for protecting samples in all types of laboratories, Sterilin Quick Start 30mL polypropylene universal containers are leakproof, resistant to temperature and chemicals and easier to use. The containers are manufactured from clear polypropylene, which has greater temperature and chemical resistance than other materials such as polystyrene. This meets the needs of a wider range of laboratory applications, from healthcare to life science research. The new containers have a Quick Start cap with a threestart thread, reducing the number of turns to open and close it. In an independent evaluation against similar products, the containers’ new multi-seal design provided unrivalled leak-free performance. Additionally, a lot number is printed on each container to aid traceability, and the containers are supplied in eight handy bags of 50 (400 containers to a carton). The new containers are available in several varieties, including labeled, unlabeled, irradiated and non-pyrogenic.

Supplier: Sterilin Ltd

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