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ELISA for bone metabolism disorders

Analysis of 25-OH vitamin D, intact parathyroid hormone and calcitonin is useful in the diagnosis of bone metabolism disorders. This triad of parameters can be determined quickly, accurately and cost-effectively using specialised ELISA test systems from Euroimmun. The intact-parathyroid hormone (iPTH) and calcitonin ELISAs are new sandwich assays based on specific capture antibodies. The substance under investigation is bound into a complex by the antibodies and then detected by means of a colour reaction. iPTH determination represents the most important serological test for diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism and also supports the clarification of secondary and tertiary forms of the disease. Calcitonin analysis is generally employed for clarifying scintigraphically cold thyroid nodules. A high serum calcitonin level is found in medullary thyroid carcinoma (C-cell carcinoma), whereby 20 to 30% of patients with this cancer exhibit hyperparathyroidism. Hypovitaminosis D is linked to bone atrophy as well as numerous other conditions such as autoimmune diseases, infections, cancers, cardiovascular disease and mental disorders. Patients are generally treated with supplementation, but must be monitored regularly due to widely differing responses. The Euroimmun ELISA measures 25-OH vitamin D, which of all the vitamin D metabolites in the blood best reflects the current storage status. The assay employs an antibody that is equally specific for both D2 and D3 forms of the vitamin, which is critical since either D2 or D3 may be used for treatment. The ELISA shows a high correlation with the LC-MS and HPLC reference methods. The 25-OH Vitamin D, iPTH and calcitonin ELISAs are easy to perform and include ready-to-use, colour-coded reagents and break-off wells for added convenience. The test systems are compatible with all commercial washer and reader systems and can, moreover, be
 processed fully automatically on the Euroimmun Analyser.


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