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ELISA for the quantitation of human IgG

Now available is a specifically formulated and optimized ELISA procedure for the quantitation of intact human IgG from matrices containing non-human proteins. The availability of such an assay meets the needs of clinical, biopharmaceutical, and medical researchers alike. The quantitation of IgG in cell culture supernatant is important in the selection of high yielding clonal cell line candidates for downstream scale-up fermentation. This ELISA utilizes sheep polyclonal antibody, specific to the Fc and light chain regions of human IgG for capture and detection respectively, ensuring not only intact human IgG is quantified. Coupled with that, the assay virtually eliminates any cross reactivity to common laboratory species (i.e. mouse, rat, primate) and to bovine serum proteins ensuring the utmost in test specificity. This unique ELISA procedure, displaying a measuring range for intact human IgG from 2.5ng/mL to 810ng/mL, also features a convenient operator-oriented packaging design, with sufficient reagents to perform 96 separate tests. It also includes all necessary calibration and quality control materials and offers exceptional performance characteristics, lot-to-lot consistency and shelf life stability.

Supplier: The Binding Site Group Ltd

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