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Energy-efficient freezer

The MDF-U76V ultra-low freezer combines improved cooling performance with outstanding energy efficiency. The advantages include greater security for precious research or clinical samples, as well as significantly lower running costs and added environmental benefits. This latest -86ºC VIP upright freezer has been specifically designed to meet the growing demand for energy savings, without in any way compromising freezer performance. In fact, cooling efficiency, insulation characteristics and door-open recovery times have all been enhanced via a capillary tube heat exchanger, next-generation VIP PLUS insulation, and the Cool Safe compressor. As a result, greater temperature uniformity throughout the freezer and faster temperature pull-down contribute to industry-leading sample security. The advanced new capillary tube heat exchanger significantly increases the overall efficiency of the freezer. By optimising the available heat exchange areas, system reliability is also increased and energy consumption is cut. In addition to helping minimise energy use, the high performance patented vacuum panels together with high-density foam insulation enable the freezers to provide up to 30 per cent more storage capacity than a conventionally insulated freezer, saving valuable lab space. An optional water-cooled condenser is also available. This enables laboratories with a chilled re-circulating water system to reduce the requirement for air conditioning within the freezer facility, reuse heat energy elsewhere and achieve even greater savings.

Supplier: Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe BV

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