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Enhanced automated procedures significantly reduce manual operations in labs

The recently launched cobas pro integrated solutions is now available for countries accepting the CE mark. This next generation of innovation in the Serum Work Area improves operator experience to help streamline and simplify equipment and processes. With a  simple-to-use and newly designed interface, cobas pro integrated solutions allows for up to 2,200 tests per hour with three modules working in parallel and perfectly synchronized in order to improve efficiency. Furthermore, it boasts up to 3.25 hours less operating time, while 93% of Roche Immunoassays have reaction times of 18 minutes or less. The new cobas pro integrated solutions offers several advanced features, including automated maintenance and cobas AutoCal, together with an intelligent, on-the-fly reagent loading concept. These features aim to optimize the day-to-day experience of laboratory professionals, reducing the time they spend on manual operations. cobas pro integrated solutions introduce key innovations including cobas SonicWash, which is an ultrasonic probe cleaning on the Clinical Chemistry and Ion-Selective Electrode analytical units which assures sample integrity, as well as efficient and flexible sample routing; together with the cobas AutoCal, which is an automated calibration procedure on the clinical chemistry analytical unit which saves precious hands-on time.

Supplier: Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

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