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ENPICOM secures more financing to extend data-driven antibody discovery

ENPICOM, an innovative bioinformatics software engineering company, has secured further financial backing from its current investors BOP Capital, BOM Brabant Ventures, Nextgen Ventures, and Arches Capital. This underscores investor confidence in ENPICOM’s vision, unique technological capabilities, and exceptional track record in serving customers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Recognizing the need for innovative data analysis solutions that provide a comprehensive understanding of the repertoire sequencing data, ENPICOM stands at the forefront, developing robust and intuitive software that empowers researchers with efficient antibody discovery capabilities. Through its innovative approach, ENPICOM enables companies to implement data-driven antibody discovery strategies crucial to unlocking the full poten-tial of their immune repertoire sequencing data and transitioning from vast sequence datasets to a curated selection of promising leads.

enipcom The IGX Platform

The new capital infusion will finance the company’s continued growth by expanding its platform functionalities and providing its customers and partners with even more cutting-edge BCR and TCR data analysis solutions.

ENPICOM says it is committed to enhancing its proposition by integrating generative artificial intelligence (AI). By bringing generative AI models to market, the company will enable swift and efficient antibody discovery and optimization, further propelling scientific advancements in the field.

“ENPICOM’s success in securing this financing demonstrates the strong confidence placed in our vision, expertise, and technological capabilities,” said Paul van der Velde, CEO at ENPICOM. “In these challenging times and a competitive investment landscape, we are excited to utilize these funds to drive our growth, enhance our platform, and pioneer AI-based solutions, solidifying our position as an industry leader. It provides us with the financial flexibility to keep building the company.”

ENPICOM’S ImmunoGenomiX (IGX) Platform is a powerful cloud platform designed to improve immune research guiding the discovery and development of biotherapeutics. It offers an intuitive environment for scientists and bioinformaticians to combine and manage data sequenced with different technologies (e.g., Sanger, bulk NGS and Single Cell), integrate assay data from wet-lab experiments, and  predict exposed sequence liabilities. All this information can be incorporated into tailored analysis workflows and create information-rich phylogenetic trees to help guide candidate selection and prioritization.