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Ethanol test in serum, plasma and urine

BioSystems launches a new reagent for measurement of ethanol in serum, plasma and urine. Ethanol is a small molecule found mainly in alcoholic beverages, medical preparation and food. Their consumption is widespread but often abusive. Therefore, ethanol determination is one of the most common diagnostic tests in the toxicology and forensic laboratory and it is used for both medical and legal purposes. Ethanol acts as a central nervous system (CNS) depressant and can cause loss of attention, stupor, coma and possible death. BioSystems introduces this test in dedicated presentation for the A15 and A25 analysers (code 12789: 1 x 10mL + 1 x 7 mL) and for the BA400 analyser (21789: 2 x 20mL + 2 x 7mL). It is calibrated using Ammonia/Ethanol/CO2 Calibrator (BioSystems cod. 18065). The reagent offers an improved detection limit (8 mg/dL) and is optimized to work with the company’s analysers although it can also be adapted to other models. It is recommended to use the Ammonia/Ethanol/CO2 Control level I (cod. 18063) and II (cod. 18064) to verify the accuracy of the measurement procedure.

Supplier: BioSystems

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