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Euroimmun enables globally connected IIFT diagnostics

Euroimmun has launched EUROLabPolaris, a multisite platform for global transfer and central evaluation of indirect immuno-fluorescence (IIFT) data. The software supports laboratories that can process IIFT, but cannot diagnostically evaluate the results, for example due to a lack of staff with experience in immunofluorescence diagnostics.

Via EUROLabPolaris, acquired IIFT images can be sent to a specialist at a partner site for evaluation. The IIFT specialist evaluates the results, enters them in the software, verifies them and then sends the result back to the laboratory.

A prerequisite is the use of a microscope from the EUROPattern series and EUROLabOffice 4.0 laboratory management software. The AI-based software supports the evaluation using deep-learning algorithms for positive/negative classification, pattern recognition and titer determination. Results can be entered from any device at any location, nationally or internationally. Thus, a single IIFT specialist is able to provide their expertise digitally to multiple laboratories without having to be onsite or travel between locations. Moreover, logistics are simplified as samples no longer have to be transported between sites.

The centralised evaluation of IIFT results by a small pool of experts also ensures consistent, standardised diagnostics. Workflow planning is facilitated by the comprehensive overview

of open requests, including due dates, request numbers and urgent-sample identifiers. Secure coding and full traceability of data during the entire transfer process ensures highest data integrity.

Euroimmun EUROLabPolarisv2