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EUROIMMUN introduces 89 new assays for ultrafast EUROPattern Microscope Live

EUROIMMUN has introduced 89 new CE-marked indirect immunofluorescence assays (IFA) for use with its EUROPattern Microscope Live, taking the number of products compatible with the device to more than 120. The applications encompass single- and multiplex autoantibody detection on many different tissue, cell and antigen substrates to support diagnosis of autoimmune diseases in the fields of rheumatology, vasculitis, hepatology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, neurology, nephrology and dermatology. Assays for serological diagnostics in various infectious diseases are also available.


The EUROPattern Microscope Live is a compact device that combines state-of-the-art live microscopy with ultrafast image processing. It is designed for small- and medium-sized laboratories to record and view IFA images directly at the computer screen, thus eliminating the need for a dark room. The device incorporates novel laser focussing technology, which allows image acquisition in a record 2 seconds per image. The images are captured by means of a high-resolution camera, generating high-definition pictures. The device also features an automatic fluorescence calibrator, ensuring standardised light quality between microscopes even at different locations. For live microscopy it includes a multi-touch screen on the monitor to allow easy navigation and zooming. Team consultations can be undertaken without the need for a discussion bridge.

Euromimmun EPML

The microscope hardware is complemented by the advanced EUROLabOffice 4.0 software, which provides image evaluation incorporating artificial intelligence as well as complete management of analyses and results. The software uses deep convolutional neural networks for discrimination of positive and negative results and pattern recognition, including for ANA, ANCA, CLIFT, tissue substrates and recombinant-cell assays. The software communicates continuously between the LIS, the automatic processor and the microscope, ensuring rapid, secure, and traceable data exchange. Its complete network integration means that IFA results can be consolidated with findings from other analysis methods such as ELISA, immunoblot or ChLIA to produce a detailed and substantiated patient report.

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