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EUROIMMUN introduces Borrelia immunoblots in microplate format

The EUROMicroblot Anti-Borrelia is an immunoblot system in 96-well microplate format for high-throughput multiparameter antibody characterisation in Lyme disease diagnostics. The test enables confirmation of results from the initial antibody screening step in line with current recommendations. The IgG and IgM blots are based on optimised combinations of native and recombinant antigens together with control bands for highly specific antibody detection. 

The exclusive portfolio of early- and late-phase markers includes VlsE and OspC from different Borrelia species, as well as p39, p41, p83, and DpbA. EUROMicroblot tests can be processed on ELISA instruments, making them suitable for medium- to high-throughput requirements. The use of microplates pre-fitted with blot strips minimises the amount of manual handling required. Samples, plates and reagents are identified via barcodes during the entire procedure, ensuring complete traceability and thus increasing the security and reliability of the diagnostics. The microplate wells can be broken off individually, so that the number of analyses can be exactly adjusted to the daily need. The EUROMicroblot images are subsequently acquired using a tabletop imager and the results are automatically evaluated and archived using established EUROLineScan Software. The EUROMicro-
blot Anti-Borrelia is part of a complete package from EUROIMMUN for Lyme disease diagnostics, which also includes screening ELISAs based on native and recombinant antigens, EUROLINE immunoblots, Westernblot and CSF tests for neuroborreliosis diagnostics

EUROMicroblot image Borrelia PR