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Evotec signs 3-year agreement for unlimited use of Titian Software’s Mosaic Sample Management Platform

Titian Software, a global leader in life sciences sample management software, and the life science company Evotec have signed a three-year agreement to expand their collaboration around Titian Software’s Mosaic Sample Management Platform. Mosaic forms part of Evotec’s plans to expand and harmonise sample management throughout the organisation, underpinning its expanding services. The new agreement provides unlimited Mosaic software user licenses to enable rapid deployment across new Evotec sites, as well as streamlining access to Titian service teams, which Evotec can draw on according to business needs. In return, it allows Titian to plan and recruit for these service demands and respond quickly.

Olivier Casamitjana, Senior Vice President and Global Compound Management Head at Evotec said: “This agreement aligns Titian as a solution provider with our plans to expand our business further, enabling easy extension of Evotec’s systems and ensuring Titian can respond dynamically to our operational needs.”

Evotec has relied on Mosaic software for sample management and tracking for nearly 20 years. This is not the first collaboration between Evotec and Titian; projects include the co-development of ground-breaking technologies such as acoustic dispensing workflows, and recently on inter-organisational synchronisation of inventory so that Evotec can share live inventory data and live shipment updates securely with each customer. This latter capability is included in the latest release of Mosaic software, version 9.0.

Nicholas Spurrett, CEO at Titian Software, commented: “This is a significant investment by Evotec, which is a vote of confidence in the Mosaic software platform and in Titian being a trusted partner and foundation for Evotec to build on. The new agreement – offering unlimited licenses, pre-purchase service days for ‘support on tap’ and new technologies underpinning our services – provides a flexible way of working to suit the evolving needs of drug discovery.”