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Fapon and Halodoc forge strategic partnership to drive the development of Indonesia’s in-vitro diagnostics Industry

Guangdong, China-based Fapon, a global life-science and biotech company, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Halodoc, the largest telehealth platform in Indonesia. This partnership brings together Fapon’s expertise in in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) technologies and integrated solutions with Halodoc’s strong sales channels and local service provisions. The partnership aims to enhance the healthcare standards in Indonesia, benefit local communities, and propel the country’s IVD industry.

Under the agreement, Fapon will partner with Halodoc in the IVD field by establishing a joint venture to grow the IVD business and deliver high-quality and user-friendly diagnostic products and health solutions in Indonesia. With 22 years of IVD experience under its belt, Fapon has a solid technological foundation and a comprehensive and innovative product portfolio. Through this collaboration, Fapon will support Halodoc in local IVD product research and manufacturing by providing essential raw materials, reagent solutions, and open-instrument platforms. As the largest telehealth company in Indonesia, Halodoc will leverage its strengths in channels, academia, and industry connections to expedite market expansion, drive consistent business growth, and achieve a win-win result.

Fapon and Halodoc Forge Strategic Partnership

Jielun Zhu, the chief financial officer and chief investment officer of Fapon, stated that Indonesia’s large population, coupled with its sustained economic growth, has resulted in increased demands for IVD products, technologies, and services. Leveraging its technological advantages, Fapon will collaborate closely with Halodoc to grow Indonesia’s IVD sector. By integrating innovative diagnostic technologies with the power of online services, the partnership aims to address the diverse healthcare needs of the local population. In a further demonstration of its commitment to the Indonesian market, Fapon has already established an office in Indonesia, dedicated to providing efficient services, and technical support to its local partners.

Jonathan Sudharta, CEO and co-founder Halodoc said: “We are delighted to join hands with Fapon in a strategic partnership that combines our commitment to innovation with Fapon’s expertise in IVD technologies to answer the need for advanced diagnostics and healthcare services. This collaboration epitomises our dedication to providing accessible healthcare solutions for Indonesians. Together, we’re creating a healthier and brighter future for the people of Indonesia, in alignment with the vision of Golden Generation 2045.”