Fast clean-up of plasma samples with phospholipid removal plates

Successful chromatographic analysis of plasma samples requires the removal of both proteins and phospholipids, which can clog HPLC/UHPLC columns. Phospholipids can also cause ion suppression and, over time, will reduce sensitivity due to a build-up on the mass spec source. For the fast clean-up of plasma samples in pharmaceutical and clinical research laboratories, Phree phospholipid removal plates remove both proteins and phospholipids and deliver the prepared plasma to a collection plate in one step. The high-capacity sorbent can process up to 400 μL per well and removes 99.0 to 100% of lysophosphatidyl and phosphatidyl cholines, which are not removed when a simple protein precipitation is performed. The one-step clean-up eliminates time-consuming method development, and the plate format enables the simultaneous processing of 96 samples, contributing to significant time savings.

Supplier: Phenomenex

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