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Free 25OH Vitamin D ELISA kit

Free 25OH Vitamin D kit is a CE marked ELISA kit available worldwide from Diasource ImmunoAssays SA (Belgium). Recent posters and publications clearly show that Free 25OH Vitamin D is a better marker than Total 25OH Vitamin D in healthy pregnant women, in women taking hormonal contraceptives and in diabetic patients with impaired kidney function. This kit allows a direct measurement of the Free 25OH Vitamin D, so no calculations are needed based on Total 25OH Vitamin D -, Albumin – and VDBP (vitamin D binding protein) concentrations, and this without sample pre-treatment. The assay is calibrated against Rate Dialysis, which is the golden standard method for the measurement of free hormones, and uses only 10 microliters of serum.

Supplier: DIAsource ImmunoAssays

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