C139 Zivak 01

Fully automated 25-OH Vitamin D2/D3 LC-MS/MS analysis

An innovative combination provides the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) tested LC-MS/MS Vitamin D2/D3 analysis kit with an accuracy of 96%, together with the Zivak fully automated sample preparation and injection system. This innovation now enables laboratories to receive accurate and fast LC-MS/MS Vitamin D2/D3 results in 1.7 minute per test, including sample preparation, sample injection and analysis run time. While preparation is in process, the Zivak Multitasker injects at the same time the already prepared samples into the LC-MS/MS instrument. This efficient process combined with the Zivak 25-OH Vitamin D2/D3 analysis kit where the analysis run time is about 1.5 minute now makes it possible to place the samples into the sample preparation tray and receive results in a fully automated way. The Zivak-Multitasker can handle up to 220 samples in one run.

Supplier: Zivak Technologies

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