C393 Buhlmann

Fully automated calprotectin testing

Fecal calprotectin testing has historically been a challenging test. Sample preparation is smelly and time consuming; and the assays have previously taken a long time to run.
The CALEX Cap from Bühlmann already eased the sample preparation, providing rapid, clean and consistent preparation, offering a simplified workflow solution for fecal calprotectin extraction without the need to decant or further dilute samples. Now modifications to the blue and white caps at either end of the CALEX device enable them to be used on laboratory track systems for a truly automated hands-off approach to fecal calprotectin testing.     The white cap has been rounded so that once the stool has been sampled the CALEX can fit easily into the racks and pucks of laboratory track systems for front loading or full random access mode. The CALEX is then automatically identified from the barcode and centrifuged. The modification to the blue cap enables automated de-capping after which the CALEX is transported on the track to the appropriate analyser for calprotectin analysis using the Bühlmann fCAL turbo before being moved to the automatic sealer and storage area. Results are then automatically reported on the laboratory LIM system. Combined with the speed of result and wide assay range (20 – 8000µg/g) of the fCAL turbo, the new Track CALEX completely transforms the approach to Calprotectin testing.

Supplier: BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG

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