C293 Phadia 250 1CMYK

Fully automated fecal calprotectin test

EliA Calprotectin is the first fully automated test for fecal calprotectin helping to differentiate inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other functional bowel disorders. After stool extraction the test can be processed fully automated on four Phadia® Laboratory Systems (Phadia 100, Phadia 250, Phadia 2500 and Phadia 5000), which meet the needs of laboratories of all sizes. This reduces the workload for the lab personnel, minimizes operational costs and optimizes the workflow. On top of this, EliA Calprotectin shows an excellent performance and provides results of high clinical usefulness. Because of its high sensitivity, the test can be used as a first-line test to rule out IBD, and can help to avoid unnecessary endoscopic procedures, while its high specificity assures a clear identification of IBD patients.

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific (Phadia AB)

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