C338 Biorad BioPlex 2200 PIC

Fully automated random access multiplex analyser

The BioPlex 2200 System is the industry’s first fully automated, random access multiplex testing platform. It combines innovative, reliable automation with the diagnostic power of proprietary multiplex chemistry and state-of-the-art eFlex software to bring a new level of flexibility and operational benefits to the laboratory. It improves workflow with random access sampling and priority processing. Performing multiplex analysis on the BioPlex 2200 is easy: simply load a tray of primary tubes and walk away. The system can automatically process up to 100 samples per hour – for a maximum of 2200 reportable results (assay-dependent) – with eight hours of walk-away capability. First results are available in approximately 40–60 minutes (assay-dependent), with subsequent patient samples completed approximately every 30 seconds. BioPlex 2200 immunoassays use magnetic 8 µm beads, infused with varying ratios of fluorescent dyes to create unique bead sets. Beads within each set are coated with a ligand (i.e. antigen, antibody, analyte, etc.) specific to a particular assay. Bead sets are then mixed in a single reagent pack, allowing for simultaneous detection of multiple analytes from a single sample. The dual-laser, multiplex flow detection method processes a minimum of 150 individual bead results for each assay. Intuitive, touch-screen eFlex software allows precise system control and powerful information management. eFlex interfaces with the laboratory information system (LIS) and direct connectivity solutions for troubleshooting, reportable billing and Internet-based QC programmes (i.e. Unity). Add-on tests can be ordered from previously processed samples without a patient redraw. Users can also create custom test groups, fine-tune quality control rules to accommodate facility needs and analyse results using interpretive software algorithms (available with certain panels). The expanded menu covers autoimmune, infectious diseases and vitamin D testing.

Supplier: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

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