GE Healthcare Life Sciences releases software for cell therapy workflow

GE Healthcare Life Sciences continues to build out its flexible solutions across the cell therapy workflow with the commercial availability of SpinOculation C-Pro Protocol Software. Part of the Sepax™ C-Pro Cell Processing System, the software closes and automates the cell transduction step. When used in combination with the Sepax C-Pro instrument and CT-60.1 single-use kit, the software enables users to choose the volume and cell concentration from initial cell preparation through transduction to final resuspension, without compromising cell viability and virus stability.
Catarina Flyborg, General Manager, Cell and Gene Therapy, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, said: “Cell therapy manufacturing is complex and requires advanced technologies.
The SpinOculation C-Pro software application automates and simplifies a critical step in the cell therapy workflow and helps accelerate the development of next generation therapeutics.” Additionally, the SpinOculation C-Pro Protocol helps users:

  • Gain reproducibility in transduction steps with an automated and closed solution
  • Save time in the manufacturing process by reducing manipulations
  • Optimize transduction performance by adjusting open system parameters
  • Simplify process validation by not using transduction enhancers

The SpinOculation C-Pro application software is available worldwide.

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