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Genomic Vision launches HexaCard, a new service to characterize cell lines for biomanufacturing and gene therapy

Genomic Vision, a biotechnology company that develops products and services for the characterization of DNA sequences, has launched a new service, HexaCard.

HexaCard is a powerful solution for the control and optimization of genome editing, mainly used in gene therapy and biomanufacturing applications. The service addresses the challenges of cellular cross-contamination, misidentified cell lines, and the use of cell cultures at high passage levels which often result in inaccurate and misleading results, as well as the waste of valuable resources.

HexaCard allows the characterization of genetic material as a quality control require-ment for biomanufacturing based on the analysis of six parameters, all integrated into a single assay: copy number determination, orientation assessment, integration site identification, evaluation of the genetic

integrity in the target region, analyzing on/off target insertions, and establishing a genetic signature for stability assessment. HexaCard thus ensures the selection of the best clones, enhancing productivity and stability while reducing turnaround time and costs.

With HexaCard, contract manufacturing organizations and gene therapy companies and researchers can optimize their processes, make informed decisions, and mitigate the risks associated with inaccurate cell line characterization. By enabling the identifi-cation of clonality and providing a genetic ID card for each clone or batch, HexaCard ensures the integrity and accuracy of the entire production pipeline.

Commenting on the new service, Prakhar Bisht, Principal Scientist, Genomic Vision (R&D Department), said: “Genomic Vision’s HexaCard service empowers researchers and biomanufacturers with a groundbreaking solution to overcome the challenges of cell line characterization. By providing an accurate genetic ID card for each clone or batch, we eliminate the risks associated with cellular cross-contamination and misidentification. This allows our customers to boost productivity, ensure stability, and ultimately deliver high-quality products, while reducing both turnaround time and costs.”

HexaCard aims to consolidate multiple technologies used in assessing engineered genome modifications, offering a stream-lined, one-stop-shop solution for the cell and gene therapy and biomanufacturing industries. HexaCard is based on the company’s proprietary Molecular Combing Technology which allows the structural, functional and dynamic study of the human genome and offers a unique tool for characterizing genetically modified cells. With its AI-based analysis software FiberSmart, Genomic Vision offers unique tools for the characterization of genetically modified cells including the generation of comprehensive reports and statistical plots, to empower researches with quantitative decision-making capabilities.

Genomic Vision continues to implement its refocused strategy in the bioproduction, cell and gene therapy arenas. Leveraging its technology, Genomic Vision addresses a US$5 billion serviceable market and intends to set a strong footprint.

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