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Genomic Vision secures distribution agreement with CliniSciences

Genomic Vision, a Euronext-listed biotechnology company that develops products and services for the characterization of DNA sequences, has secured an exclusive European distribution agreement with CliniSciences.

CliniSciences is a major European distributor of products and services in Life Science Research with a particular focus on oncology. CliniSciences and Genomic Vision will work together to leverage their respective resources, industry knowledge, and customer relationships. The agreement provides Genomic Vision with the capability to offer its technology, products, and services across 15 European countries, extending the reach of its genomic solutions in these key markets.

The collaboration with CliniSciences directly aligns with Genomic Vision’s refocused strategy. Utilizing CliniSciences’ extensive distribution networks, Genomic Vision is set to broaden the reach of its genomic solutions. This strategic move will not only bolster Genomic Vision’s ability to enhance bioproduction standards but also empower the progression of advanced cell and gene therapies. It underscores Genomic Vision’s commitment to delivering accurate genomic characterization at scale, fostering innovation and excellence in the field.

Outside of Europe, Genomic Vision will continue to independently commercialize its products and services. This will enable the company to maintain its existing distribution channels and establish relationships with customers around the world. By ensuring a seamless experience for the company’s global customer base, it can continue to serve researchers, clinicians, and other stakeholders.

Commenting on the agreement, Aaron Bensimon, Chief Executive Officer of Genomic Vision, said: “This partnership with CliniSciences is a decisive move in advancing Genomic Vision’s strategic pivot towards bioproduction and drug discovery. Our collaboration brings together shared resources, extensive industry knowledge, and robust customer relationships to enhance the adoption of Genomic Vision’s products throughout Europe. By tapping into CliniSciences’ well-established distribution channels, we are poised to expand the reach of our innovative technologies more efficiently. We are optimistic about the potential this partnership holds and look forward to reporting on our progress in the future.”

Tushendan Rasiah, Chief Executive Officer of CliniSciences, commented: “Through this distribution agreement with Genomic Vision, CliniSciences strengthens its position as a commer-cial leader in cutting-edge Life Science Research products and services. We are excited to augment our product offering in two main areas: firstly, the quality control of genetically engineered cells for the production of recombinant proteins, and gene and cell therapy; and secondly, novel screening tests for oncology drugs such as DDR drugs, paving the way for personalized medicine.”

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