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Greiner Bio-One’s new robust urine cup has integrated transfer device

Greiner Bio-One’s new Urine Cup with integrated transfer device enables the collection and transport of urine samples safely to the requested destination. Thanks to the integrated transfer device, sample transfer from the cup to an evacuated tube is simple, fast and hygienic.

The optimized threading of the Urine Cup makes it easy to open and close. In addition, a stabilizing flange makes the cup more robust and prevents over-threading. The recessed transfer device integrated into the lid of the cup helps to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries to an absolute minimum.

The perforated label acts as a sterility integrity seal visually indicating at a glance if the product has been opened prior to use.

Since urine samples are a potentially infectious sample material, the closed, sterile VACUETTE urine collection system makes an important contribution to hygienic working practices. The system consists of high-quality components which help to ensure efficiency in test procedures. In addition to sample tubes and beakers, the product line also includes individual kits of urine transfer devices and tubes for more convenience, as well as other accessories.

Greiner Bio One Urine Cup