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Greiner Bio One’s VACUETTE VST sample tube keeps virus securely enclosed

PCR tests are an important part of the strategy to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Now that rapid antigen tests are no longer accepted for COVID passes in some countries, such as Austria, testing using the PCR method has become more important than ever before. Since September 2021, Greiner Bio-One has been supplying a key component of the COVID test kit from LEAD Horizon: the VACUETTE VST (virus stabilisation tube) for stabilising the saliva sample and transporting it safely to the test laboratory.

This product is a 3 ml PET tube with an easy-open premium screw cap for safe sample handling. For the further processing of the saliva sample in the laboratory, a standardised non-vacuum 13/100 tube with round bottom was selected from the current Greiner Bio-One VACUETTE line. The sterile product contains a phosphate-buffered saline solution. It stabilises the sample material when cooled (4°C) for a period of up to 72 hours. The tube is CE-labelled.

After gargling the saline solution for one minute, the sample is transferred into the VACUETTE VST tube using the transfer tube. Thanks to the wider diameter of the VST tube, this step can be easily performed. The tube is then tightly sealed with the premium screw cap and placed in the transport bag bound for the lab.