H.E.L Group launches labCONSOL laboratory automation software

H.E.L Group, a global developer and manufacturer of innovative laboratory tools for process optimization, safety and scale-up, has released its new laboratory automation software labCONSOL, designed to support customers in the automation and coordination of laboratory equipment. The software, which builds on the company’s proven ‘WinISO’ technology, introduces a new and intuitive user interface, and provides a scalable platform for future development.
Incorporating the next generation of H.E.L’s WinISO software engine, labCONSOL introduces new features that enable scientists to improve lab efficiency and boost productivity. Delivered within an improved user experience, the platform combines rapid data capture modes, an advanced real-time data display engine, and automated monitoring of experiment completion and failure states. In practical terms, these features enable researchers to easily and accurately track how an experiment is proceeding, focusing on the most critical aspects, ultimately avoiding unnecessary repeated lab work, which can be both costly and time-consuming.
For existing H.E.L product users, labCONSOL guarantees a quick and seamless transition with minimal retraining.
H.E.L systems will shortly start shipping with labCONSOL installed, and for the majority of existing users, the new software will be available as part of ongoing service plans. All customers with active service cover plans will receive regular, automatic labCONSOL updates that will continuously upgrade the software’s capabilities and enrich the user experience.
For more information, visit www.helgroup.com
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