C332 MPbio Helico Blot 2 0

H. pylori confirmatory test

The hallmark of H. pylori infection is inflammation of the gastric mucosa. While gastritis is typically subclinical, more severe consequences of infection include mucosa associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma, gastric carcinoma and peptic ulceration. Nearly all patients with gastric MALT lymphoma are infected with H. pylori, and the risk of developing this tumour is over six times higher in infected people than in uninfected people. Furthermore, up to eighty percent of patients with gastric MALT lymphoma achieve complete remission of their tumours after treatment with H. pylori-eradicating antibiotic therapy. Several aspects such as performance, costs, time, and feasibility should be considered in the selection of the diagnostic tests for H. pylori infection. However, invasive and intense methods are not suitable simply because of their invasive nature. The clinically accepted C-UBT test are expensive, H. pylori stool antigen tests are cumbersome and time consuming and most of the serologic tests cannot differentiate between current and non-current H. pylori infection. MP Diagnostics has developed CIM (Current Infection Marker) that detects a H. pylori specific protein. The benefits of CIM (high correlation with known gold standards, high positive predictive value of > 90% as well as detection of active H. pylori infections) provided by the ASSURE® H. pylori rapid test are also to be found in the Helico Blot 2.1 confirmatory western blot.

Supplier: MP Biomedicals- Diagnostics

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