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HbA1c enzymatic assay

The HbA1c value correlates with the average blood glucose level over the last 8-12 weeks and is used for monitoring and diagnosis of diabetes. DiaSys offers HbA1c net FS as a liquid-stable and ready-to-use 2-component assay. Due to the enzymatic test principle, excellent precision is ensured. Interference from a variety of hemoglobin variants like HbS, HbC, HbD, HbE, or HbF can be excluded. HbA1c net FS is characterized by a wide measuring range from 20 to 150 mmol/mol IFCC (4-6% DCCT/NGSP) and high on-board and calibration stability of up to 6 weeks. Moreover, this assay is standardized against the IFCC reference method and traceable according to the DCCT/NGSP network.

Supplier: DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH

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