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Hematology system based on microfluidics technology

HA5, a new 5-diff hematology system based on microfluidics, complements Biosystems’ portfolio of products addressed to routine laboratories. Implementing state-of-the-art technology, microfluidics allows reducing reagent consumption up to approximately 75% compared to other analysers on the market. That means not only saving on handling, storage and transportation cost, but also advantages in reagent management as a 400-test single pack contains all the reagents required to perform the analysis, with a weight just slightly over 5kg. HA5 works in closed mode with standard vacuum tubes. Once the tube is loaded, a built-in rotor assures correct homogenization of the sample before proceeding with the analysis, with a throughput of 60 tests/hour. The measuring method uses laser-based flow cytometry with forward-scattered light detection and volumetric impedance; it provides a 26-parameter complete blood cell count report that includes RBC and PLT histograms, as well as a 5-part WBC scattergram. A large full-colour LCD touchscreen with an intuitive interface allows clear and easy operation, including reagent and controls management through QR codes, patient identification through barcode reader, LIS communication and personalized laboratory configuration. The small footprint (283 x 226 x 333 mm) of the instrument allows its installation even in very reduced spaces, making it especially suited for Emergency Departments, ICUs, private clinics, blood banks, or even in mobile care units.

Supplier: BioSystems

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