C443 SIEMENS Hemoglobin A1c Test

Hemoglobin A1c test available on Atellica

Siemens Healthineers recently announced the global availability of its new Atellica CH Enzymatic Hemoglobin A1c (A1c_E) Assay to assist clinicians in diagnosing and monitoring diabetes. The International Diabetes Federation projects 642 million people worldwide will have diabetes by 2040 because of leading factors such as higher levels of urbanization, aging populations, and the growing adoption of more sedentary lifestyles which leads to insufficient physical activity, greater rates of obesity and a higher intake of unhealthy foods. When diagnosed, treated and monitored regularly, diabetes is manageable and, in some cases, reversible. Left untreated, however, blood sugar can rise to dangerous levels and lead to kidney damage and other irreversible health consequences. As diabetes awareness increases and screening for the chronic disease rises, testing options for the clinical laboratory are evolving both in sophistication and practicality. The Siemens Healthineers Atellica CH Enzymatic Hemoglobin A1c meets new standards of testing and offers laboratories improved performance – both precision and accuracy – over leading  alternative methodologies. Instruments with higher throughput capabilities offer laboratories the ability to run a greater volume of tests and produce patient results more quickly, thus improving patient satisfaction. Laboratories are seeking HbA1c assays that can be integrated onto chemistry testing platforms and that provide the accurate and precise results patients deserve. The new Atellica CH Enzymatic Hemoglobin A1c Assay offers these capabilities.

Supplier: Siemens Healthineers

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