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Hemoglobin meter

QDx Hemostat is a compact handheld POC hemoglobin meter for measuring hemoglobin from a finger prick of whole blood. This hemoglobin measuring system is intended to help people manage their hemoglobin levels. It also provides healthcare professionals with helpful information by measuring hemoglobin in fresh capillary whole blood as well as venous blood. Calibration is done by simply inserting the code key into the test meter. The virtually painless test requires only 1 μL sample volume and provides quick results in five seconds. The device features a large display, a 100-test memory and a measuring range of 5 – 26 g/dL. Battery life allows 3,000 tests to be performed. By using Hemostat, a check of both quantitative hemoglobin and hematocrit will give quick results within 5 seconds. Only 1 μL sample volume is needed which makes it nearly painless for the patient. The ergonomic design allows comfortable usage.

Supplier: DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH

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