C319 Dynex crop

High throughput automated ELISA system

Based on an intelligent design and featuring SmartKit reagent loading technology, the Agility automated ELISA system emphasizes simplicity with an extremely intuitive, easy-to-use interface that enables effortless navigation. The system supports several major error-proofing advances, including a comprehensive monitoring system to measure consumable levels and extensive bar coding to eliminate manual data entry. The use of innovative direct-load reagent SmartKits streamlines front-end preparation and minimizes hands-on reagent loading, significantly reducing overall assay times and providing full walk-away freedom. Up to 16 SmartKits and 12 plates can be stored on-board for simultaneous runs. The system utilizes three precision robotic arms – one for sample pipetting, one for reagent pipetting and another for transporting plates and consumables – to obtain maximum process efficiency and unparalleled precision while eliminating nearly all manual steps and reducing the potential for human error. The Agility ELISA system combines ingenious design, total automation and an innovative approach to reagent loading that boosts productivity and minimizes hands-on time.

Supplier: Dynex Technologies, Inc.

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