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High-volume specialty hemostasis analyser

Siemens Healthineers has recently launched the CE-marked Atellica COAG 360 System, a fully automated high-volume coagulation analyser designed to streamline and unify hemostasis testing. The Atellica COAG 360 System is the first analyser to unify five methodologies on one testing platform – clotting (optical and optomechanical), chromogenic, immunologic, high-sensitivity luminescence based immunoassay (LOCI) technology, and platelet aggregation testing. This unification enables laboratories to potentially replace up to three stand-alone systems with just one analyser, saving space, simplifying inventory management, reducing maintenance – reducing the overall cost of ownership. The system also provides intelligent reagent and consumable management – including true continuous loading and unloading, and realtime monitoring – extending walkaway time, providing uninterrupted sample measurement, and enabling faster availability of test results. PSI checks and advanced preanalytics detect underfilled or overfilled samples and accurately identify assay-specific hemolytic, icteric, and lipemic (HIL) interferences using nine pre-defined levels. The dedicated, automated module for the detection of HIL interferences improves consistency and reproducibility of results compared to a visual check of samples. This helps to advance preanalytical protocols and improve the quality of hemostasis test results. By integrating high-sensitivity immunoassay using LOCI technology and platelet aggregation testing, Atellica COAG 360 System provides faster test results for all samples and increases insight into hemostatic disorders. Patented LOCI technology from Siemens Healthineers enables labs to test small volume samples with a high level of precision, while reducing the risk of interference. Additionally using LOCI technology, determination of F1+2 (a coagulation factor that aids in risk assessment of thrombosis and anticoagulant therapy monitoring) is automated with an assay turnaround time of less than 15 minutes – four times faster than the current testing protocol. To support labs in need of fully automated multidisciplinary testing, the Atellica COAG 360 System connects with Aptio Automation. With a rapid throughput on samples requiring multiple specialty tests, the Atellica COAG 360 System complements the fast routine testing throughput of the Sysmex CS-5100 System. The system is now available in Europe.

Supplier: Siemens Healthineers

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