4 Image Lp a Lp a Kit

Highly specific Lp(a) assay to determine cardiovascular disease risk

The Randox Lipoprotein (a) assay provides a highly sensitive and specific method for the detection of Lp(a) in human serum and plasma.  The assay is based on an immunoturbidimetric method and is suitable for use on most chemistry analyzers furthermore it is one of the only commercially available methods not affected by the varying size of Apo(a). 

The European Atherosclerosis Society, National Cholesterol Education Programme and National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry recognise the usefulness of Lp(a) and recommend testing those with a family history of CVD or those at moderate to high risk.  

  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents
  • Measuring range 2.1 – 90mg/dl
  • No sample preparation required
  • 30 day onboard stability
  • Excellent correlation to ELISA reference method

Supplier: Randox Laboratories Ltd.
Website: http://www.randox.com/Lp(a).php

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