C406 siemens

HIV combo assay

Mainly intended for use in blood banks or laboratories, the Enzygnost HIV Integral 4 is an HIV combination test (or HIV Combo test), a type of assay that detects both the HIV p24 antigen and HIV antibodies, and is increasingly becoming the standard screening technique used by healthcare authorities in many countries within the European Union. The assay delivers both excellent specificity and sensitivity. In a study of 14,169 donor samples tested at three different blood banks, initial specificity was demonstrated at 99.94 percent. Data also show that the HIV Integral 4 assay has higher sensitivity and provides superior seroconversion performance (quicker prevalence of the antibody) compared to other currently available assays, detecting HIV infection up to 14 days earlier. The new assay is available on the Quadriga BeFree and BEP Siemens laboratory systems.

Supplier: Siemens Healthineers

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