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HORIBA Medical launches next generation HELO fully automated modular hematology solution

HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organisation (HELO) 2.0 embeds advanced hematology technologies to offer flexible, high throughput, high quality analytical performance

HORIBA Medical has launched the new HELO 2.0 high throughput automated hematology platform which is CE-IVDR approved. Following the success of HORIBA Medical’s previous HELO, this new generation high-end hematology range has been designed in consultation with customers to further improve and cover all needs of high throughput fully automated hematology. HELO 2.0 offers a highly flexible and efficient modular hematology solution that is fully scalable with many possible configurations for mid to large-scale laboratories.

HORIBA Medical’s advanced technologies embedded in the platform’s Yumizen H2500 and Yumizen H1500 hematology analyzers ensure high quality analytical performance. This includes 360-degree sample mixing without any premixing required. In addition, HELO 2.0’s data, tube management, waste, blood smear and digitalization management capability, addresses all pre-, post- and analytical needs, whilst also optimizing turnaround time (TAT), floor space and reagent storage. HELO 2.0 includes HORIBA Medical’s accreditation assistance program which has been developed in accordance with ISO-15189 certification.

HELO 2.0 offers three standard configurations which can be applied in single lab or multi-site situations – standalone or combined with a tracking system. Using a track-based system which can be loaded continuously from multiple points, as well as new automatic quality control transfer, has improved sample workflow management to optimize efficiency. The HELO system automatically distributes sample and quality control tubes to the appropriate analyzer, and undertakes blood smears using reflex rules. Up to six analyzers and six slide preparation systems can be used on one track, with over 200 preloaded rules available in the hematology expert validation station.

New to HELO 2.0, it offers clinically relevant and innovative 8 Part Differential (DIFF) leukocyte results. From a single blood sample, HORIBA Medical’s Yumizen H1500 and H2500 analyzers report a complete blood count (CBC) and DIFF results, plus a total immaturity measurement for leukocytes count in one run, ideal for oncology pathologies. Other new offerings include Nucleated Red Blood Cell count which is platelet aggregate interference free, as well as three new fluorescence free large platelet parameters. It also adds 11 new parameters across its three quality controls.

HELO 2.0 has been designed to be eco-friendly and reduce environmental impact. It has recently received the 2023 Medical Device Network Excellence Award in the Environmental category. For example, this recognized the Yumizen H2500 which requires only 6 reagents compared to an industry standard of 8-15. Not only reducing reagent use, but waste, toxicity and packaging.

Arnaud Pradel, General Manager, HORIBA Medical, added, “One of the biggest challenges for laboratories is to obtain accurate results for an ever-increasing number of samples within shorter turnaround times. So, listening to our customers’ feedback, we have again applied our hematology expertise and heritage for innovation to further enhance our HELO automated hematology platform. In the HELO 2.0 we offer an even more flexible and efficient system to reduce slide review rate that provides an optimum solution to the ever-evolving needs of many different laboratories.”