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ImmuLex™ S. pneumoniae Omni

The ImmuLex™ S. pneumoniae Omni is a rapid latex agglutination test for detection of S. pneumoniae.
It is a ready-to-use latex test for quick detection of 92 S. pneumoniae serotypes directly from a positive blood culture or from a pure culture. A positive reaction is visible to the naked eye within 5 seconds for blood culture and 10 seconds for pure culture.

Target group: Clinical microbiology laboratories, reference laboratories.

Features: Quick detection of all 92 serotypes of S. pneumoniae., positive reaction within 5 seconds (quickest reaction time on the market), time saving as there is no need for preliminary preparation of culture, the test can be made directly on a sample from the blood culture bottle, high sensitivity and specificity.

ImmuLex™ S. pneumoniae Omni kit contains a bottle of latex particles coated with pneumococcal antiserum raised in rabbits (0.0975% sodium azide as preservation), a positive and a negative control, and 25 reaction cards. ImmuLex™ S. pneumoniae Omni is provided in a 1 mL vial, which corresponds to approximately 75 tests.

Supplier: SSI Diagnostica A/S

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