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Immunoblot with F-actin for autoimmune liver diseases

The EUROLINE portfolio for autoimmune liver diseases (AILD) has been extended with the antigen F-actin and now features the DL 1300-9G with 10 antigens for the determination of AILD-related autoantibodies.

Thus, all important antibodies in autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) can now be determined specifically with one multiparameter test. The parameters on the EUROLINE Autoimmune Liver Diseases 9 Ag plus F-Actin (IgG) Profile encompass AMA-M2, the designer antigen M2-3E (BPO), Sp100, PML, gp210, LKM-1, LC-1, SLA/LP, F-Actin and Ro-52.


The antigens on the test strips are contained on individual membrane chips ensuring optimal detection efficiency for each antibody. F-actin is a target antigen of anti-smooth muscle antibodies (ASMA), and antibodies against it are a highly specific marker for type I AIH.

Antibodies against SLA/LP, LC-1, LKM-1 are also associated with AIH, while AMA, antibodies against the nuclear dot antigens Sp100 and PML and antibodies against the nuclear envelope antigen gp210 are associated with PBC. The multiplex EUROLINE test is ideal for the confirmatory step of autoantibody detection in AILD, complementing EUROIMMUN indirect immunofluorescence mosaics, which are used for initial screening.

The detailed autoantibody investigation supports differential diagnostics of PBC and AIH from other hepatic diseases, which is crucial for clinical outcome. It also aids identification of PBC/AIH overlap syndrome, a disease characterised by the simultaneous presence of PBC- and AIH-specific antibodies. The EUROLINE test can be processed fully automatically using the EUROBlotOne with EUROLineScan software.