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In vitro diagnostic reagent kits for Vitamin D

A new series of reagent kits is specifically designed for in vitro diagnostic use in conjunction with mass spectrometry instrumentation for clinical analysis. The first kit is focused on vitamin D analysis and is CE marked to meet European regulatory requirements. Highly selective and sensitive, MS provides routine diagnostic testing laboratories in Europe with the ability to quantitate multiple trace level compounds in a single analysis with high confidence in the results. The first kit in the new SCIEX IVD-MS portfolio to harness this advanced technology for routine clinical applications is the SCIEX IVD-MS Kit for 25-OH Vitamin D Analysis.  This kit is designed to help clinicians make diagnoses of vitamin D deficiencies, with the ability to quantitate both 25-OH-Vitamin D2 and 25-OH-Vitamin D3 in a single run. Adequate levels of vitamin D have been known for decades to be essential for strong bones.  Recent research has linked vitamin D to be important in the prevention of multiple common and serious diseases, such as type 1 diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The new SCIEX IVD-MS kits work with the AB SCIEX 3200MD CE-IVD series of MS systems – including the API 3200MD and 3200MD QTRAP LC/MS/MS systems – which the company launched recently in Europe.

Supplier: Sciex

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