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Indica Labs releases AI-powered digital pathology software update

Indica Labs, a global leader in AI-powered digital pathology solutions, has announced a significant update to its life sciences software suite. The 4.0 versions of HALO®, HALO AI, and HALO Link offer enhanced capabilities for researchers and pathologists, with a focus on leveraging advanced AI-powered image analysis in an open digital pathology ecosystem.

Advanced AI integration

The new release expands the integration of AI-based tools across the HALO platform. HALO 4.0 now includes pretrained deep learning-based networks for automated nuclear and membrane segmentation in both brightfield and fluorescence imaging. These networks are ready for immediate deployment, with customisation options available through HALO AI. Dr Anne Hellebust, Director of Product for Life Sciences at Indica Labs, said: “Since Indica’s founding 13 years ago, countless user input and technical developments have brought us to the release of version 4.0 of our life sciences products. We’re proud to continue our leadership in the digital pathology industry, and we look forward to seeing how users will leverage the advanced AI-powered toolset provided in the latest release.”

Improved image analysis and registration

The update introduces new image registration algorithms powered by advanced deep learning, offering rapid registration speeds and high accuracy. HALO AI 4.0 features a new AI-powered annotation tool, utilising Meta AI’s Segment Anything Model. This tool enables precise annotations with a single click, streamlining the creation of training sets for deep learning-based object and tissue classifiers.

Enhanced viewing and workflow optimisation

At the core of HALO 4.0 is a new GPU-accelerated viewer, providing a seamless experience across all supported file types. The viewer offers smooth panning and zooming of highly multiplexed and extensively annotated images. HALO Link 4.0 users will benefit from a major performance boost due to an updated image server, allowing more
time for review and analysis.

Workflow improvements

The 4.0 release includes several workflow optimisations:
– Customisable analysis outputs in HALO
– Deeper integration between HALO and HALO Link, with slide metadata from HALO Link viewable, sortable, and filterable in HALO 4.0
– Enhancements to the classifier workflow, including new classifier pipeline capability and queueing of training jobs

Compliance add-on for research pathology

Indica Labs has introduced its first add-on for HALO Link, designed to support Good Laboratory Practices in research pathology. The compliance add-on offers:

– System-level auditing of all data-generating or -altering activity
– Exportable audit logs
– Configurable ‘reason for change’ workflow

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