C260 GlobeScientific

Innovative cryogenic vials

Cryogenic sample storage requires tubes that can withstand the pressures of being frozen in liquid nitrogen and thawed again. Providing biological sample storage in temperatures as low as -196oC, the Cryo- Clear vials feature a unique screw cap that is co-moulded with thermoplastic elastomer eliminating the need for silicone o-rings. This special process prevents the risk of sample contamination and provides the purest and most leak-resistant vial available. The tubes are certified 95kPA to provide a 100% leak-proof seal. Each production lot is certified by an independent laboratory to be free of human DNA, DNase, RNase, Pyrogens and ATP, and the vials are manufactured, assembled and packaged in a Class 7 clean room and never exposed to outside contaminants. Each tube is printed with a unique 128-format barcode for automated data collection, accurate sample inventory and to hide the identity of the sample. The vials are available with internal and external threads and with round or self-standing interlocking bottoms.

Supplier: Globe Scientific Inc.

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