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Insightful Science acquires FCS Express for its Cloud for Scientific Discovery

San Diego, California-based Insightful Science, the software company enabling the Cloud for Scientific Discovery, has acquired De Novo Software,the maker of FCS Express. FCS Express is one of the fastest-growing flow cytometry data analysis solutions in the industry.

FCS Express enables researchers to easily extract insights from raw data. Itis easy to use but powerful, intuitive, and rapidly evolving to best meet the demands of digitized scientific workflows.

Insightful Science is a growing portfolio of scientific research and data solutions serving more than 1 million global scientists. The company recently announced the acquisition of Dotmatics, the leading cloud-first platform for scientific research. The combined company forms the Cloud for Scientific Discovery, an end-to-end platform with the world’s leading chemistry and biology solutions serving the broadest set of scientific domains. As a central, unified platform, the company stands apart in its ability to support data-driven research.

By adding FCS Express, Insightful Science further empowers organizations to gain data-driven insights and make decisions in discovery R&D, clinical development, and beyond into bioprocessing and manufacturing.

Thomas Swalla, CEO of Insightful Science, said: “The biggest opportunity to accelerate scientific innovation today is to significantly increase the ability to harness valuable insights from data generated in labs. FCS Express is widely-used and trusted software revolutionizing the analysis offlowcytometerdata,whichisacritical component of modern research. By integrating FCS Express into our Cloud for Scientific Discovery, we help our customers better navigate the transformation to a data-driven culture and accelerate scientific advances that improve the lives of people everywhere.”

FCS Express will continue to be available as a standalone product, as well as have integrations with the Insightful Science platform.