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Integra’s new MIRO CANVAS significantly simplifies NGS sample preparation

INTEGRA Biosciences has launched MIRO CANVAS, a compact digital microfluidics platform for fully automated next generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation. The revolutionary system significantly simplifies NGS workflows for more walk-away time and higher lab productivity.

NGS has made it possible to sequence entire genomes at a fraction of the cost and time of earlier sequencing methods. However, sample and library preparation for NGS workflows still remain a challenge, as they are notoriously complex, time consuming and error prone when performed manually.


MIRO CANVAS was developed to meet the growing need for fully automated NGS sample preparation with verified protocols for short- and long-read sequencing applications to ensure accuracy, precision and reliability for high quality results. The microfluidics system uses gentle sample handling to maintain the integrity of high molecular weight DNA and minimizes reagent usage for long-read sequencing library preparation. MIRO CANVAS can also automate exome and other hybrid capture protocols, one of the most laborious protocols in NGS sample preparation.

The intuitive platform requires only 15 minutes of hands-on time per run, freeing up researchers to work on other tasks in the lab. It also offers fast, on-demand preparation of samples, so clinical specimens can be processed immediately upon receipt – without the need for batching.

“The addition of the MIRO CANVAS system to our portfolio represents a significant milestone for INTEGRA,” said Urs Hartmann, CEO of INTEGRA Biosciences. “The innovative microfluidics platform streamlines NGS workflows and will open up completely new application areas for researchers, helping to advance scientific discoveries in the field of genomics.”

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