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Introducing Suspended StateTM Technology: A groundbreaking advancement in forensic toxicology for the detection of drugs of abuse.

PinPoint Testing, an innovator in analytical chemistry technology, is proud to announce the unveiling of a revolutionary patent-pending technology, Suspended StateTM. This groundbreaking advancement is a culmination of nearly 2-years of research and development by Dr. Jeffery Moran and his team of trained toxicologists and product designers. 

Suspended StateTM technology combines all critical reagents in asingle vial/well separated by air gaps to ensure stability that is necessary to prepare urine samples for analysis. This novel product design is poised to transform workflows in forensic and clinical research labs, expediting results for labs tasked with providing care for victims of drug facilitated crimes, including rape and sexual assault cases. The technology is designed to speed analysis for laboratories with limited resources and an ever-increasing backlog. Suspended-StateTM technology will allow laboratories to keep pace with the changing landscape of analytical testing while meeting stringent standards and accreditation requirements.

Key Features of Suspended State Technology:
– Ready-to-Go Kits: Suspended State ToxBox® test kits are premanufactured in a true “ready-to-go” format, significantly reducing labor and time required for the preparation of calibrators, quality controls, and toxicology specimens.
– Laboratory Compliance: PinPoint Testing design Suspended State® products to meet the stringent federal regulations (CLIA) and international standards (ISO17025) published for toxicology testing.

PinPoint Testing’s CEO, Dr. Jeffery Moran – “Suspended StateTM technology fully embodies the spirit of why we established PinPoint Testing – it enables labs to own and expand their testing capabilities to meet the ever-changing landscape of forensic toxicology. The technology shares a pedigree with our ToxBox® line of products, all of which are built to drive efficiency in laboratories. We believe the Suspended StateTM technology will be a game changer for analytical toxicology.”

Dr. Gregory Endres, CSO of PinPoint adds “The design of the Suspended StateTM line was born out of necessity. Too much time is wasted in laboratories on things that can be pre-manufactured in a ‘ready-to-go’ format. This frees technical analysts time to concentrate on data analysis and expert testimony, where their time and resources should be spent. Analytical precision is compromised with wasted movements often required in these complex analytical procedures. Suspended StateTM technology decreases motion by up to 30% which results in improved precision and higher accuracy.

Our Suspended StateTM drug-facilitated crime product is the first of many products that will help advance analytical toxicology.”

PinPoint Testing is eager to collaborate with forensic, clinical research, law enforcement laboratories, and research institutions to integrate Suspended StateTM and other ToxBox® technology to decrease backlogs and improve data quality and reporting.

For inquiries, partnerships, or further information about Suspended StateTM technology, please contact Jason Truskowski, V.P. Marketing and Sales at

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