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iPad application dedicated to hemostasis

The iHemOStasis application, created by Stago and available on iPad*, is intended for current and future healthcare professionals (pathologists, doctors, students, etc.) and more generally for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of hemostasis.This free educational application in English is the first of its kind and has been developed by Stago, an expert in Hemostasis. The iHemOStasis app consists in 4 parts:

• The coagulation cascade: animations showing the major mechanisms involved in coagulation, with descriptions of the various stages (general principle, primary hemostasis, fibrin formation and fibrinolysis, the PC-PS-PZ system, anticoagulants)

• Clinical cases in quiz form, with answers and explanations, to test user knowledge on real case studies

• Practical guide: overview of the key points to remember in hemostasis testing, normal values, decision trees, monitoring therapy

• Special focus series: fact sheets on specific topics (anticoagulants, thrombin generation, flow cytometry, normal values for hemostasis tests in childhood and pregnancy)

iHemOStasis is available worldwide from the App store and can also be downloaded using this QR code (not iPhone compatible).

Supplier: Stago

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