Jurgen Semmer - new MD Shimadzu Europa

Jürgen Semmler appointed as new managing director at Shimadzu Europa

Jurgen Semmer - new MD Shimadzu Europa

Jürgen Semmler

Shimadzu, one of the world leaders in analytical instrumentation, has appointed Jürgen Semmler as the new managing director of its European organization from July 1, 2021. Previously, head of Shimadzu Deutschland, he succeeds Jürgen Kwass, who led Shimadzu Europa from 2003 to the present and is now retiring. Semmler and Kwass have both been affiliated with Shimadzu for a long time and joined the company in the second half of the 1980s.

Jürgen Semmler graduated in chemical engineering at Essen University, Germany, before joining Shimadzu in 1987 as an HPLC service engineer. He gained international experience as a European team member in the development of a global software and since 1996 as manager of the European Customer Support Center. In 2006, he was then appointed Managing Director of newly founded Shimadzu Deutschland. Under his management, the company has grown from 60 to more than 150 employees, and its sales from €19 million to over €40 million. Previously independent companies were incorporated into the organization as technical offices under the overall management of Shimadzu Deutschland.

Thanks to Jürgen Kwass

As Shimadzu Europa and Shimadzu Deutschland are both based in Duisburg, Germany, the two Managing Directors have always worked closely together.

Semmler commented: “Under Jürgen Kwass’ aegis, Shimadzu’s network was rolled out to every European country and set up structurally and in terms of staff to serve the customer needs of medium-sized companies as well as global players. Shimadzu’s growth is closely linked to his commitment and name.”

Shimadzu Europa has been active on the continent since 1968. Its medical and laboratory solutions are used in health care, the latter primarily in science and technology, particularly in almost every manufacturing industry such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, food and beverage, advanced manufacturing, automotive, semiconductors and plastics. They serve consumer, patient and environmental protection as well as process and quality control.

Future development and growth trends

With regard to technical trends, such as automation, miniaturization of systems, digitization and hyphenated techniques, ABC has provided significant impetus to the market and initiated developments in recent years.

Semmler noted: “Digitization in particular holds both technological and creative potential. In analytical instrumentation and medical technology, it facilitates seamless workflows as well as simpler, more accurate and faster measurements and tests. It also enables analytics and medical technology to merge to deliver solutions for the most challenging medical conditions, such as the diagnosis and treatment of cancer or dementia.”

Shimadzu Europa is Shimadzu’s oldest continental foreign organization and plays an important role in the company’s growth and globalization process.

Semmler said: “In addition to our technological expertise, we also want to continue to strengthen our presence and network on an organizational level throughout the European region, expand our teams, and increase sales and market share. I am looking forward to the tasks ahead.”