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Keen Eye and Ultivue collaborate to advance multiplex and spatial analysis in clinical research

Keen Eye, a leading AI company in digital pathology for clinical research and Ultivue, an industry leader in multiplexing tools and novel image analysis solutions for tissue biomarker studies, will collaborate to promote multiplexed immunofluorescence (mIF) assays and scalable AI applications to unlock spatial analysis in clinical research.

Ultivue develops unique solutions for use in mIF applications, imaging and spatial phenomics. Its proprietary InSituPlex technology enabling improved signal to noise data is designed for fast and comprehensive exploration of biologically relevant targets, up to 12-plex, with same slide-H&E analysis in tissue samples. This technology combines the power of computational pathology and spatial biology to guide translational science in immuno-oncology. 

Ultivue recognizes the need for dedicated and custom AI models to analyze the complexity of mIF data at scale and to provide improved turn-around times and consistent readouts across large cohorts.

“We are looking forward to accelerating data generation for biopharma customers from mIF kits by partnering with Keen Eye. We can jointly support more scalable workflows which will allow us to meet increasing demand in clinical trials,” said Florian Leiss, Ph.D. Vice President Digital Health Strategies at Ultivue. 

Keen Eye is an AI Platform company dedicated to deliver accurate, standardized, and undiscovered tissue insights in research and clinical development using Deep Learning histopathology digital image analysis. Its proprietary models dedicated for spatial exploration of tumour microenvironment give access to reliable tissue segmentation, biomarker quantification, cell population profiling, and morphological discovery. 

Using Ultivue’s pre-optimized assays, the high accuracy achieved for every biomarker will drastically reduce errors during quantification steps as phenotypes combine several biomarkers. As Dr Sylvain Berlemont, Keen Eye’s founder and CEO says: “We are thrilled to expand our application portfolio combined with best-in-class Ultivue mIF assays to biopharma companies and CROs. This partnership will undeniably support our customers to fully extend reproducibility and scalability throughout their clinical research.”.

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