C256 Siemens Aptio

Laboratory automation

Lab automation can help handle increasing workloads from the growing demand for in vitro diagnostic testing and allows better use of personnel. The circular track and modular design of the Aptio Automation platform ensures that it can be adapted to nearly any lab or testing environment. It also offers connectivity to Siemens’ portfolio of automation-ready analysers, thus facilitating a multidisciplinary approach to testing. The point-inspace aspiration feature helps streamline workflow by reducing the need to aliquot (or divide) samples, and its puck-based system with radio frequency identification enables individual sample routing and tracking, along with STAT prioritization. The system delivers comprehensive analytics via powerful, centralized information technology, while having the flexibility to provide pre- and post-analytical capabilities. The company’s CentraLink data management system facilitates efficient sample flow, auto-verification, quick access to samples and proactive quality control. This can also be customized for the end user, which speeds up system access and supports error reduction.

Supplier: Siemens Healthineers

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